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Welcome back on fundraiser’s diary, as you can see many fundraisers joined our community and they are all italian speaker… for this reason i’m going to change my mind about posting in english…

Fundraiser’s diary changed very fast, it start as a diary of a single fundraiser, than a diary of two fundraisers coming from consulting and going to NGO and now became a space where every fundraiser that want to share his or her experience could write.

Can I immagine this when I started?
Maybe, or maybe not… fundraiser’s diary was an experiment, a way to keep alive the experience of lentatiblog (the blog where I write when I was a consultant) I didn’t think a lot when I opened my worldpress account (as you can see from the url) I just start writing and probably I made a mistake… in few months I canghed the language because the issue that I deal with are too higth for italian fundraising market after few weeks I recruited Ioana as blog partner (and she decide to write in italian) and then we decided to transform FRD into a community.

If, seven months ago, I stopped my rush for few moments and think about what I want to do maybe today I’m not anouncing the umpteenth change (the come back to italian).
This is an exaple of how not to do a plan… rush and lack of vision.
The answer of the post title in this case is “NO” but in the next post I’m going to analyze how a plan can change things in fundraising sector and inside fundraising unit, and lets see if in this other case the answer will change.

See ya my english readers if you are lucky very soon I change my mind another time and I come back to write in english 🙂 and for the italian ones: mi dispiace ma, d’ora in poi, non avrete più scuse per non leggere i miei post fino alla fine 😉


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Hi everybody, this is the first post of “Diario di un fundraiser” (Fundraiser’s Diary) written in english.
May be some of you are wondering why I take this decision, the answer is, I hope, simple.
I realize that Italian “market” is not ready for high level thoughts about fundraising.
May be I’m a little bit arrogant but looking at the number of access of my blog, page view and keyword reference… (altro…)

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