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Are you ready? Let’s go!

  1. Are you a fundraiser?
  2. Would you like to share your experience with other people?
  3. Would you like to discuss about fundraising and not for profit marketing issues?

3 yes means that we want you!

Fundraiser’s diary opens the doors to every one who wants to write about fundraising.
We are looking for bloggers (english or italian speaker) able to produce posts (at least one per month) about fundraising (individual, corporate, institutional, etc.).
No fee, no fame, just fun!

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Hi everybody!
Today I’d like to speak about a big fundraising event: The Fundraising Festival!
It is created by Valerio Melandri, one of the biggest italian fundraising master hand, and this year take place the first edition.

In a very young market, such as italian one, an event with moments of information and knowledge sharing, debates obout our issues is not only important but really critical.
After years of almost undergrounding italian fundraising people could meet each other and speak about development and future of our sector.

The formula is very similar of the IFC with sessions and master-classes (one of this will be manage by Steven Pidgeon).
The Fundraising Festival has very challenging objective:

  1. To create the biggest fundraising network in Italy
  2. To promote the ethical fundraising approach
  3. To promote the sustanability of not for profit sector
  4. To became the principal place where profit and not for profit can meet and speak each other

So, don’t miss this big opportunity apply now on www.festivaldelfundraising.it it could be a beautifull chance to see the italian fundraising market, meeting organization and consultants and, why not, to visit Italy!

For more information (in italian):
Valerio Melandri
Festival del Fundraising

P.S. Asap Fundraiser’s Diary come back with big news!

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