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I colleghi spagnoli di AMREF l’altro giorno ci hanno inviato una bellissima case history di Unicef USA.

La campagna, di sensibilizzazione, unisce perfettamente le tecniche del guerrilla campaign con alcuni strumenti della  raccolta fondi.

Non potevo non condividerla, anche se probabilmente per molti di voi non sarà una novità.

La campagna si chiama… (altro…)


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source: flickr

May be this is another italian issue written in english, or may be in some other part of the world there is a fundraiser wondering why text messages (SMS) fundraising campaigns are so attractive for little organization.
For this poor guy and for the others like him (or her), I’d like to write down my opinion, even if, as usual, it’s not request 😉

I’d like to start saying that I’m not against SMS fundraising campaign at all (campaign that use cell phone and text messages as medium of donation).
I think that if there is full media coverage (television, radio, internet, adv, ecc.) a good brand (or a good campaign), testimonials pushing for donation and an organization able to manage every different aspects of the campaign in the right times (not only the process of request to the tlc company) this kind of fundraising rocks.
But if the organization has not this requairements, as happen for the 90% of the association (in Italy), maybe is better to think about other instruments of fundraising.

Many times I read on fundraising’ blogs questions…. (altro…)

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